Our Crowdfunding Campaign

We started a campaign a month ago.

We wanted to raise funds to purchase a more powerful, dedicated server.

We wanted to build a better community.

We managed to raise $127USD via Indiegogo. Our campaign failed.

Our initial goal was not reached, but we have many possibilities ahead of us. We have an investor who wants to donate a dedicated server for one year, and we have two artists who want to work full-time as editors/moderators. Things look good so far.

We also have plans on doing a one-month performance optimization sprint, with custom cache modules and intelligent DNS prefetching. Tech stuff.

Thank you for supporting us so far, thank you for your contributions (either public or private), and thank you for being a member of our community. We will continue to work on this community with the same determination and passion as before.

Here’s a breakdown of the campaign.

Breakdown (CG Hubs, currently CGButterfly)

Indiegogo Rewards and Perks

Some of our users asked for a detailed description of CG Hubs perks, as seen on Indiegogo.

First of all, there will be no pro or premium membership levels or plans. Our members will be bronze, silver or gold, based on their activity. These levels will entitle them to alpha/beta features, early tests, temporary features and various awards. Also, based on a filtering algorythm, the higher the level, the higher they will appear in searches or in related images.

Also, there is no requirement to have a CG Hubs account in order to contribute or donate.

Here  is a quick breakdown:

$5USD – Rookie
Thank you for your interest in our indie community! Your contribution is highly appreciated.

That’s it, thank you. We think you are an artist with an interest in our community, so you have an account on our site and you will reap the rewards later. You get a Rookie badge, if you have an account.

$10USD – Adventurer
Get a shiny supporter badge on our site and an adventurer award, so that everyone knows you are a CG Hubs fan!

Get two shiny badges, appear in our supporter search, and enjoy our community.

$25USD – Explorer
Get a bronze status, supporter badge and your name on our About page! Also, be the first to receive new print notifications.

Bronze users get early notifications of various features, the first one being new “Available for print” images. You will also get access to some testing features.

$50USD – Warrior
Get a shiny fan badge and a custom made CG Hubs poster delivered to your door, plus all of the above!

Thank you for your contribution, we rounded up some artists and they will deliver some breathtaking posters to all of you. Get all the badges above and all included features.

$100USD – Paladin
Get silver status, a collector badge and two custom made CG Hubs posters delivered to your door, plus all of the above. Get early access to all our alpha/beta features and be the first one to test them. Get the beta tester badge, plus all of the above.

Silver users get access to alpha/beta features, early notifications of most of the community events and everything else included.

$250USD – Wizard
Get the art collector badge, gold status and your name above all the others on the About page, plus all of the above.

You love art! You love CG! Thank you for helping us. In turn, you will get access to all alpha/beta features, you get temporary updates or enhancements to your profile, plus everything else included.

$500USD – Armoured Assassin
Get a rotating banner on the homepage or the image page for three months.

In addition to the actual perk, you will be entitled to request a new site feature, or a profile feature, unique to you.

$1,000USD – Rune Master
Get a rotating banner on the homepage for 6 months, a mention in the press release and a logo in the footer for one year.

In addition to the actual perk, you will be entitled to request a new site feature, or a profile feature, unique to you.

$5,000USD – Dragon Slayer
You are an investor. We will share everything with you, we will work together on improving and enhancing the community. We will praise your name.