(Re)Introducing CGButterfly!

A fresh, new community for networking for entertainment, concept art, animation, games, and illustrations.

What is CGButterfly?

CGButterfly is an online community where computer graphics artists share their latest work, tips, and tools, network with friends, search jobs, and more.

The idea came more than a decade ago, after the original (and then, and then our own closed its doors without prior notice.

CGButterfly is an indie community of CG artists, designers, and painters. It is not supposed to replace any other community, instead it offers an alternative. Our community is built on open-source software and bespoke modules, uniquely built for our purposes.

How does it work?

As an artist, you simply create a hub account and start uploading images. It’s that simple. You have the possibility to enhance your profile and make it stand out from the crowd by using cover images, custom avatars, additional profile information, contact details, hiring availability and more.

You can tag your uploaded images, mark them as work in progress, request critique or finished, make them available for printing and more.

Based on artist feedback, we will add new features, tags, categories, and image properties on a regular basis.

Is it free?

Yes. There are no premium profiles, no pro members and no paid features. It’s free and it will always be free. Artists, designers, and painters will earn points and badges based on their implication and involvement. This includes uploading images, commenting, giving feedback and improving the profile. Moreover, certain events, challenges, or contests will allow them to earn badges. The more points and badges a user has, the higher they will rank.

Are there any limitations?

There are no limitations. There are no paid features. There are no obtrusive ads, all advertisement will be CG related, and it will provide funds for the community. Ideally, we want to have contests and challenges with hardware/peripherals prizes, such as mice, tablets, drawing pads, software licenses and more.

We have a transparency policy and all new features will be voted and vetoed by our users.

The site is privately owned. We are also looking for sponsors and investors.

User types

Based on points or badges, users will differentiate and become bronze, silver, or gold without having to pay.

Feature requests

If any user wants a certain feature, either from another site or completely unique, we will implement it in less than two weeks. We are open to all requests, and we want to maintain a happy community.